Spam :D

Just a spam to take a general look at my own 2nd place *after LJ*

I hope Worldpress’s layout is more familiar than Lj, which is damn difficult for a silly one like meh, yeah =_= I dont know any tech stuff, just follow mah sense to make a coughsocallblogcough LOL

I chose da name Pavot Rogue since its my fav flow, but unluckily on the way of signing up, that ID has changed into anhtc -_-;; Lost 1 letter, and the meaning turned out to be like sheeeet, in short, it was meaningless =O= Btw, there’s one blog aldy had this name, so…


I kinda chose an other name, “Clover”. Its also my fav. But *finger points up* my public name is still “Anhtuc” ;_; Wat da hell TT TT Sb pls help meh T^T *coughlosercough*

Mayb i shud create an other WP? Is it possible for one email???

Aigoo T^T Perhaps i must attend a tech class 1st -_-”

Sorry for suck Eng, but mah lap doesnt allow me to type VNese on webs -O- F* of Unikey a~


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