Im totally pissed off.

That movie should put a fucking end at the moment when they can eventually get together.

*point up* All i can think after 70 mins watching Bokura no ai no kanade. I bumped into it accidentally on my way searching for yaoi movies. And the hell, i FELL IN LOVE with it.

The storyline is not unique or something. It has been using a lot in mangas though. But it left strong impression in me, since the movie is involved in piano. You know, i’ve been dreaming of playing piano the whole time.

Leading roles play an important part in the success of any movie. Tell me, if a movie has a reallllllllyyyyyyyy nice script, but its actors/ actress are so so/ not pretty/ fugly, will you watch it with pleasure? Dont yell at me like ‘Shallow mind’ and stuff. Admit it already, we all have EYES right? We all crave for beauty.

Masato Uchiyama played the uke here. Im an ukeperson, so its obvious that i LOVE uke-s, duhhhh -_-;; And *gasp* Ma-chan is just tooooooooo pretty *sob* He even has SAD EYES, what i need the most from an uke *sniff sniff*

Gdi, this film has 2 things i dear like mad already TT TT I was watching with HIGH expectation. All the lovey-dovey scenes are great. Sweet and cute and warm and all. They get together after bunch of bullshit. The movie should END there. DAMN IT.

Hey Mr/ Mrs scriptwriter, a BIG ‘F’ word for you. Lame ending. YEAH I MEAN IT. LAME.

It still bothered me A LOT since then. A pain in the ass. Should i dl the movie, then cut its ending out?



Give it a try, then you’ll definitely understand my feeling.


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